What rhymes with orange? A question that has teased minds since the beginning of language. This season, the zesty colour has presented a new challenge for me. What goes with orange?

Until now, I believed orange was strictly for prison jumpsuits and monks. It is a colour that has never lay in my wardrobe nor have I ever wished it to. It is halloween pumpkin costumes, high-vis traffic cones and ‘you’ve been tangoed’ jokes. It is not fashion-friendly. Or so I believed.

Fashion’s current individualist attitude is rubbing off on me. Maximalism is in, though it’s not something I could pull off. But keeping the style and cut simple and injecting a burst of colour? That’s something I can work with. And it so happens to be that orange is the colour I want to work.

Red may be the colour of the season, but it’s (currently) not a shade that I enjoy. Yes it’s love and lust and passion, but it’s also brash, flamboyant and brazen. It needs suitable colouring to pull it off, and a bold personality to match. It’s not something to be done half-heartedly. If red is danger and piping hot, orange is friendly fire. It’s warm and illuminating; if worn correctly it can make the wearer glow. You just have to find the right shade for you.

So what is the answer to my ‘what goes with orange?’ question. The top of my tangerine wishlist is a pair of Missguided high-waisted trousers, and blogger Anni Peng (seen above) styles them perfectly, with a simple white cami top and some black platformed plimsols to keep it casual. I wouldn't add the sleeveless blazer myself as though I said above it's friendly fire, it's still fire. Approach with caution.

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