Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I made a lie on a previous post. It wasn't intentional and at the time it was true. I really did believe that the Shoreditch Grind made the best iced mocha's in the land. But now I have seen the light. The heavens opened and showed me the way. Like the shining star that led the 3 King's to Jesus. Except it was in London, so it was a tiny glimmer of sunshine (at a push). And it led me to Brooklyn Coffee.



See! The signs were literally right in front of me, urging me to my coffee enlightenment. I stepped in, unaware of the coffee blend I was about to taste. They didn't even have iced mocha written on the menu, but when divine intervention is taking place nothing gets in the way. I asked the lovely workers if they do make them, and they briskly whipped me one up using their b-eautiful coffee beans.





Now, I first heard about Brooklyn Coffee as I heard they were best for size. Seriously, when I see this next picture I can't help but imagine that music they play on X Factor as the judges step out on stage. I even hear the X Factor voice man shout ICEEDD MOCHAAAA. Oh perhaps this is part of the Holy Spirit talking to me.


Just me? Who knows. All I know for certain is that this coffee was amazing. It was slightly thicker than other iced coffee's that I've had, and now all others will seem watery and lack substance in comparison.  So forgive me Father for my previous sin, but now you have shown me the way, and I shall follow in your footsteps and show others the way too. It's straight opposite the Urban Outfitters in Shoreditch.



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