...if you have a sweet tooth. As I have found the perfect spot for your inner American policeman: coffee and donuts to go. Actually it may be the perfect spot for your inner American full stop, as they also serve some mighty fine fried chicken and waffles. But let's save that for another day. Today we're giving these doughy, sugary, hoop-shaped pieces of goodness - that if I'm being honest I'm not completely sure how to spell - their time in the spotlight. I shall go with the spelling that was given on the menu, so for the rest of this post I shall go with DOUGHNUTS.

Yes sir that's the place. (Southern American reading voice please). The Doughnut Hatch. Hot and fresh, just how I like em.

The hatch is located on the side of the restaurant Bird, a fried chicken joint in East London. Serving £1 coffees and the daily Glazed Doughnuts, the Hatch often sells out quickly. When researching the menu, I had seen previous flavours of the day had come in glazed chocolate covered with sprinkles, pink icing with cherries in the middle, Oreo, maple syrup, coconut - the list goes on. So I admit I was a bit disappointed when I arrived to see just a plain glaze that day. However I quickly recovered and settled down to tuck in.

The doughnuts were huge - super thick and very soft. Just 1 was enough for me, but if you really do have a sweet tooth then you have to try it's ice cream doughnut sandwich: a scoop of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between the doughnut of the day and then drizzled with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream. If you want a bit of sweet and meat - something I can't ever imagine craving - then they also do a doughnut buttie on the weekends. Like a bacon buttie, expect the bread has been replaced with doughnut. The idea of it both repulses me and intrigues me. Let me know if you've had it! @AFashionSauce

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  1. This sounds amazing (and very cheap!) and I'm so jealous that we don't have anything like this in Liverpool! Oreo sounds amazing, but I have to say - as disappointing as it might have seemed, a glazed donut always goes down well in my book!

    Sammy xo.