My internship drove me to coffee addiction. Kind of. Iced coffee counts right? Ok, they were iced mocha's. But I won't let the addition of chocolate take away from my new found membership in the coffee club. As a teenager my fantasy of being a writer was imagined within a Brooklyn apartment where I would frantically write all night, fuelled by a constant intake of caffeine. Given my dislike for hot drinks, the taste of coffee and of course my location issues, the dream seemed far from my reach. Until now.

Easing myself in with the iced mocha's, The Shoreditch Grind served me well as a coffee mentor. Espresso bar by day and cocktail bar by night, the Grind is a crowdfunded project looking for investments to open more bars across the city. The Shoreditch Grind was the first one to open in 2011, where Melbourne DJ Kaz wanted to recreate the taste of coffee from back home. After working for months with a boutique roastery, he developed his own custom blend, now known as the Grind House Espresso blend. As a coffee beginner you may not want to take my word for it, but I have been hunting for somewhere that tastes just as good for the last month and as of yet I have not been successful. The bar is also a recording studio as well - I think it may be upstairs - but it would explain why the wall is sprawled with signatures of musicians who have been there.

The coffee is not the only reason why I love the Shoreditch Grind. The decor and the atmosphere has an easy going feel, from the 'cocktails baby?' light on the wall, the jugs of flavoured water on stand to help yourself, and the non-existent lunch menu. There's no menu actually on display as it changes a lot, but each day huge bowls of pasta's or salads are brought out and you can ask for a portion - I don't know why but there's something homely about that which I really like. I had a pesto and cheese pasta but the day before I saw a really yummy looking chicken salad. Worth checking out if you're in the area. The bar is just opposite Old Street station.

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