And so we meet again Street Feast. Round 2. Part II. The return of the bap (Smokestak's). Ah yes, this time I visited Smokestak not just once, but twice. In one sitting. That's not all I had either, visiting my other old pal Mother Clucker and making a few new acquaintances on the way. I think it's fair to say that this time I won. I came, I gnawed, I conquered.

If you haven't heard of Street Feast (check out my first visit here), it is a foodies playground, except toys are replaced by London's finest food stalls, hop scotch becomes hopping from vendor to vendor and secret dens come in the form of hidden bars. And did I mention that there's free beer? I walked in and took one look at it all. "Challenge accepted," I smirked to myself, in a way just as creepy as it sounds.

As any child would do unleashed in a playground, I firstly had to do a hasty lap of the area to check out all my options, literally bouncing with excitement deciding where to begin. Mexican? Check? Indian? Check. Asian steamed buns with slow roasted pork belly, cucumber, spring onions and hoisin sauce? Check. So naturally I got them all.

One of the out-of-the-way bars

Once again Smokestak was the clear winner for me. After several visits now, it seems to get better each time. I don't normally eat much pork, but for Smokestak I make the exception - the smoked flavour of the slow roasted pulled meat is incredible, hence why we went for seconds. Next would have to be Rola Wala, an Indian food vendor serving spicy fillings of marinaded chicken, herbs and fresh chutney on mini naans. My only complaint was that they weren't big enough. I also tried to go for something new and tried a Mexican dumpling with blackened chicken thigh, beans (the Mexican kind, not Heinz) and a load of other toppings, but it didn't go down too well for me. The dumpling was quite dry and the chicken was too fatty. The same went for my pork from Yum Bun, which was a shame because I had really been looking forward to that. But it was fine in the end, because pudding made up for it. Sugared doughnuts with vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce and hazelnuts. Yes I really did eat that much. Yes I felt sick afterwards. Would I do it again. Probably, yes. I advise you all to do the same this summer. 
Round one
The Holy Grail Smokestak
Mother Clucker's Cajun fries
From 'You Doughnut!'

Street Feast is running in Dalston Yard and Lewisham in the evenings and has now opened a similar lunchtime event called Dinerama. 

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