Welcome to The Good Life. Where the food is healthy, the customers are wealthy and Kanye's 2007 lyrics will relentlessly run through your mind.

The Good Life Eatery has been popping up on my Instagram feed for a while, a page I followed in hope that it would inspire some type of clean-eating diet in my life when I tried to stop eating sugar. It didn't and I haven't, but all the same it didn't stop me from wanting to visit when I was attending an exhibition in the same area.

Located in Kensington, I shouldn't have been surprised when we reached the cafe to find that the prices were fairly high - particularly for someone on a student budget. But as I like to play blissful ignorance toward my impending debts, I happily went in and played wealthy Londoner for the day - a game I play a bit too well.

The seating area was small, but most people were taking food away on their lunch break. It got so busy that the queue was leading out of the front door, an indicator of how good the food is. As its name implies, The Good Life Eatery's aim is to promote healthiness and happiness, serving a selection of soups, salads, smoothies etc, that are ideal for vegans, vegetarians, dieters or simply those who just enjoy good food.

I went for the 'Protein-style Chicken Lettuce Wraps' which replaced tortilla's with baby gem cups, filled with avocado butter and Thai minced chicken and veg. It came with an Asian dipping sauce and tomato salsa that were so good I could have just eaten them by themselves. My friend went for the The Good Life Salad, which came with kale, quinoa, lentils, roasted sweet potato, toasted walnuts and goji berries, and we both shared the Choc Norris smoothie. For something that tasted so good (i.e. chocolatey), it was surprising to see that it was a superfood smoothie and had no sugar at all, consisting of almond milk, avocado, raw cacao powder, maca powder and banana.

If I could manage to make my own fruit and veg taste this good, then it would make my summer diet a whole lot easier. I definitely recommend for anyone interested in healthy eating.

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