Another day, another dollar (spent on food). Today's meal was from Orange Rooms, my new found love. With free movie screenings every Wednesday and 50% off cocktails every Thursday, I'm not sure how I didn't notice it for the last 2 years of living here. Although with the strength of their cocktails this may be a good thing. I definitely recommend going there on a Thursday where you can watch the bar staff produce some of the best cocktails I've seen, but unfortunately this post is not about the alcohol. It's about my number 1 love: the food.

Think of your favourite food combinations. It could be something like chocolate and strawberries (good choice) or something strange like ice cream and ketchup. Mine is chicken with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce. Orange Rooms gave me this and more. Their chicken came coated in crushed up nachos, with all the trimmings (melted mozarella, crispy bacon and lots of BBQ) inside a toasted tortilla wrap. Alongside a side serving of chips and salad, the meal came in a cardboard box that strangely excited me. Like drinks served in jars. And when American's eat their Chinese out of those little boxes. It's the simple things.

The bar also does a student card where you get 25% of food every time you go as well as discounted drinks, entry and the chance to collect loyalty points. Visit their website for more info as well as movie listings and menus.

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  1. Looks Yummy!