I'm a burger obsessive. When I admitted to stalking girls Instagram's on a previous post, I failed to mention my other searching habits. BURGERS. I spend hours torturing myself, scrolling through the posts of Shakeshack and Patty and Bun. When I'm particularly desperate, I'll hungrily search through the hashtags. Even the burger emoji on my phone brings me a strange sense of joy/longing. And I've also had a lifelong affinity with the Krabby Patties on Spongebob. If you think this is all rather odd, then what makes it even stranger is that I don't even eat beef. So instead I'm doomed for a life of longing for something I can't have. I am Gatsby and the burger is Daisy. But I feel as if we are getting off topic now.

7bone - a burger shack that's finally somewhere other than London. If you live in the South, you need to go here, and I highly recommend the full dining-in experience - though you can take away. The waiters are funny and extremely helpful and the service was faultless. There wasn't a long wait for the food, which is something that I hate. But even if there was, this is food worth waiting for.

First things first - 7bone may have the best mac n cheese I've ever tasted. And Ellie Ricketts (blog) and I have tasted a lot of mac n cheese.  Then there was the burgers. As the non beef eater (they also have a veggie option), I opted for the 'Dreadlock Rasta,' a buffalo chicken burger in spicy hot sauce, with iceberg, cheese and their signature 'dirty spread.' It was good. Messy, but so,so good. The others opted for the 'Prince Charles is Overrated,' aged beef patty, bacon, cheese, shredded iceberg, pickles and dirty spread. From the looks on their faces, I believe they all thoroughly enjoyed.

The chips came in quite large portions, so it's a good idea to share. You can get chilli cheese fries, seasoned fries or dirty fries - a topping of dirty sauce, bacon and shredded lettuce. If you still have room for more, then the milkshakes were amazing aswell. I honestly don't have a bad word to say about any of it. 7bone - I am impressed. Until next time.

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  1. I was gutted when 7bone opened in Southampton just as I was leaving Uni. I'm desperate to try it! The food looks so nice
    Alice xo

  2. Haha :D When I'm hungry I always search for food pics on Instagram too... sweet sweet torture :D

    Bella Pummarola