East London


Alexa Chung once said East London was the most fashionable place for style-spotting, yet I always seem to stick with North London or rather Camden in particular. With the high street being disappointing for the last year (in my opinion), my friend and I decided to go off to Shoreditch in search of some vintage shops and one-off pieces in Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market.

Despite getting off to a slow start - where we searched for the market for over an hour before realising not only was it right next to the train station, but I actually pointed it out and said "that sign says Spitalfields Market" before going off in the other direction - we had a good day out and a surprisingly cheap day out as all I bought was a ring from the market for £2 (!) and of course, food. 

I decided to try the 90's buns revival for the day as I always think you can experiment a bit more in London. I couldn't help feeling a bit smug when this ASOS link came through my email the day after I had worn them. https://marketplace.asos.com/community/blog/2013/08/currently-trending-easy-90s-updos

I also couldn't help feeling like Miley Cyrus every time I stuck my tongue out...

Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market

The ring I purchased

And of course we ended up in Camden

 Lauren's Bob Marley T-shirt and vintage jeans

 And dinner by the canal at the end of the day.

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  1. Gorgeous photos and I love that owl ring! :)

  2. what a great day out we don't have anywhere like that near us. I think we may have to make a specially trip for our next shopping day, i love the ring so cute!

    great pics although I am starving and craving chips at 08.33 in the morning haha



  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment! Im now following you via GFC too! I loved reading about your London day trip. I am visiting in December again, I just love the place! look forward to reading more

    Kirsty - www.rockit-style.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog love; your blog's lovely!
    Nothing beats shopping in London, I've never really ventured outside of oxford st, bluewater and camden but I've hear Shoreditch is good for vintage and charity shops! Defo looks like it by your photos!
    Your 90s buns are so cute!Great post, followed you back with gfc and followed you on bloglovin:) I look forward to reading your future posts x

  5. That ring is soo cute.. you look like you had a great day!!



  6. Thanks for stopping by our blog! Loving your buns and that owl ring is fab +.+
    Hope you will keep on experienting with cool and different styles!

  7. Wow such gorgeous pictures!!
    Thank you so much for sharing(:
    Love the different styles!!

    Much love,

  8. My kinda girl! i love bricklane and spitalfields! you have to go into bricklane and visit the underground vintage markets lush!


  9. ooh i love a bit of spitalfields and camden! Always the best places to get some inspiration.
    Ah how was the AA factory, i've been meaning to visit. x

  10. nice pictures! I especially love one with the wall of peter pan collars :) imagine all the different looks you could create with those!