Something's got me smiling. No, not the watering can. And not my new ASOS trousers, though they do help at raising my spirits. 

I went and bagged myself an internship at Spindle magazine within 5 days of returning from Thailand. If that's not quick work, I don't know what is. (Apart from getting the internship within  1 day, but hey I'm not a miracle worker).

Both the London life and wardrobe could not be any different from my month in Asia. As much as I tried, the no make-up, no shoes and no attempt at styling just doesn't cut it here. I've still tried keeping a few bits here and there though, note my Thai cord necklace and daily bottle of Vita Coco. I've even mastered the hair chopstick.

My minimal outfit has me feeling cosmopolitan, and if I do say so myself I'm fitting in very well with city living. Working in the capital is making my ideas of what I want after uni even clearer, and the amount of writing I'm doing every day is (hopefully) making me improve.

Make sure to check out my piece for Spindle's website 'When did food become fashionable?' Hope you like!

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