When it looks like this why not?

Ah yes, because I am almost half naked. Though I'm not one to shy away from the crop top, I do feel that this one is slightly more inappropriate for everyday wear. But if I could, I would.

My unsureness (if that's a word) as to whether I could get away with it back home meant that I had to get as much wear of it in Thailand as possible. And as many pictures as possible of course.

 Shameless hostel selfies

The top was one of my many bargains that I picked up in Bangkok. I got the khaki colour for around £3, which unbelievably I thought was really expensive at the time. They also had them in black, grey and white - I'm now wishing I got them all!

However, I did manage to find another member of the crochet family. The crochet dress.
Welcome old friend.

It was the perfect colour to compliment my hotdogs.

Hope you like!

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