No, not the juice. Or the song. THE PRINT.

Ok, ok I admit it. I've never been a fan of tropical print. Or high-waisted bikinis for that matter. But when I spotted this bikini on ASOS, something changed. And I never looked back.

When I was holiday shopping, the only thing on my mind was a sporty swimsuit. Scuba materials, zips and crop tops were what I envisioned, an athletic type of Lara Croft who would be chopping her way through jungles and climbing over rocks. Once I saw this then the vision changed. Let us zoom in.

Only 2 days later, and a few shades darker

The colours. The cut outs. The high-waist which I now loved. My vision now entailed me to be a lady of leisure, who wore floppy sunhats and bright nails whilst drinking from coconuts on the beach. And that's exactly what I became.

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  1. This is gorgeous! And you look lovely, hope you had an amazing holiday x

    Under Blue Lights