Penny for my thoughts?


What happens when a shopaholic goes broke? Spiritual enlightenment? Knowledge of the worthlessness of immaterial products? Superiority above my material friends who believe they can find their happiness in the superficial pit that is Topshop?

No. None of the above.  

Here is what really happens. A tale of loss, heartache and learning to love shop again, based upon true events. This is my story.

1. Blogging life = non existent.
How can I write a fashion blog when the activity of fashion has been taken from my life? What else am I supposed to do? Use my brain and creative genius to write about something else?

2. Social life = non existent.
Remember when you find a really amazing outfit and you go out specifically to show the world your new amazing outfit? That never happens. Instead I sit inside, locked away with the clothes from last season.

3. Getting ready takes even longer. Now when I say I have nothing to wear - I genuinely have nothing to wear. 

4. Friendships - doomed. Suddenly all your friends become Beyonce in their newest, most jaw-dropping outfit, whilst you become Michelle. At the back and forgotten, green with a jealously that slowly eats away at all of your relationships.

5. Get used to looking bad.  Sure you can rely on the basics to get you through - jeans, shirts, leather jackets. But when your black jeans rip, your white tee gets stained and your bank card isn't there to pick up the pieces, who are you going to turn to?

6. And finally - forgetting how to shop. Not being able to go to town means I'm out of touch with the latest trends. One minute you're walking past Topshop - the next you're walking around in a pair of baby pink crocs. It's inevitable. 

All images found on Tumblr.

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  1. Oh No............ Sad, brilliant, but true ...................................

  2. you make me laugh ,Kayla , can see what you are saying, you always stand out in a crowd no matter what you wear. xxxx