If you follow me on Instagram (@kaylajoleenx), you may have noticed a recurring item that keeps popping up. Whilst I attempt to hide this obsession by filling in my profile with pictures of food or accessories, there is no getting away from the fact that I keep re-wearing the same item. But when it's this pretty, who can blame me?

The hunt for the perfect lace bralet has been on my agenda for many years and who better to present it to me than Zara herself. Previously the type of shop where I only looked and never bought, the bralet has proved a worthy opponent in being my first Zara purchase.

I love a hint of skin as much as the next person (if the next person is Rihanna), and this navy beauty does so well. Paired with a vampy lipstick in the evening goes brilliantly, but I decided to dress it down for the day time with some loose vintage jeans and my chunky gladiator sandals. Hairband on the wrist is optional.

Top - Zara 19.99
Jeans - Episode
Shoes - New Look 24.99

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  1. Great outfit,love the jeans!
    Follow each other,let me know and i follow you back!

  2. This outfit is pretty much case you didn't know!