'Something rather magical is happening in fashion: there is a gentle but significant new mood sweeping through design houses...I sense a remarkable era ahead, one that defines a new fashion voice where the brave and remarkable shine.' The editor's letter in the ELLE January issue perfectly summarises my current feelings toward fashion. For the first time in a very long time I feel inspired again, excited to wear the SS16 trends but ready to abandon them at the same time in pursuit of my own personal style. Either one will do, as luckily for me the industry's new mood is the individualist, or as Amelia Diamond puts it - street style has become personal again.

My most recent purchases are an affirmation of that: red co-ords, silky pink bomber jackets, patchwork jeans and strappy orange heels. Granted, they won't look good together but if I wanted to try it then why the hell not? Where fashion was once used to express yourself, a minimal and monochromatic palette bought monotony to the masses, eschewing any glimpse of the wearer's personality and extinguishing any love that I had for it. Until recently I believed that my lack of interest in fashion was down to me. Nothing was inspiring me and I thought I had outgrown it. It only occurred to me the other day when analysing my new purchases that perhaps it wasn't me - it was fashion.

When shopping online or searching Instagram for some inspo, everything looked the same - mainly variations of the Kardashian-clan prototype which consists of black, white and camel layers. I'm not saying it's a bad style but I think it's a safe one, an easy way out when you're not sure what your own style is. Bloggers on Instagram were sharing pictures in jeans and t-shirts and getting thousands of likes and comments on how well they dressed. Normcore was the current trend. Vogue defined it as 'a bland anti-style...The notion of dressing in an utterly conventional, nondescript way.' There's just two problems with that statement. Bland and conventional.

It is worth noting that average isn't inspiring. We are inspired by the extra-ordinary, something remarkable that motivates us to act a certain way. I couldn't be inspired by normcore as it was the antithesis of what fashion is about and what I love about it. The SS16 shows saw designers being the most experimental that they have been for a while and the repercussions show. Street style has character again. I remembered that fashion is meant to be fun and am relishing in the idea of dressing up and going all out Carrie Bradshaw style. My current obsession? Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller. In terms of fashion she is fearless and she most definitely motivates me to act in a certain way - being confident enough to try new styles and slowly but surely introducing colour back into my wardrobe.

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