Something has been bothering me as of late. Aside from deadlines, an empty bank balance and fear of unemployment when I finish uni in a few months - the wonderful life of a student.

It is the life of a blogger that has been bothering me. My frustrations began when my blogging stride began to slow as my bank card began throwing hurdles in my path. How was I supposed to post on food and fashion when I couldn't afford to indulge in either of them? Yeah I could post on things I wanted to buy or the places I wanted to go, but how would that compete against bloggers who are actually doing and buying these things? The girls dominating the fashion blogosphere are the girls who post new outfits and purchases daily. For the majority of us, this is unrealistic, which makes me wonder is it only possible to be a successful blogger if you have money?

A large part of me answers yes. Most fashion bloggers aren't necessarily writing about fashion, but rather they're documenting their own personal style. To keep generating new content, new clothes are necessary. Then again for successful bloggers, buying new clothes isn't an issue. Freebies get sent to them as often as celebrities. The reason I turned to blogs rather than magazines in the first place was because of the authenticity magazines lacked, acting instead as advertisements. Now bloggers have become the same, as the authors of them flaunt their freebies and write sponsored posts. And for those of us who can't afford to do the same, it's hard to keep up.

The other side of me tells me to quit whining. It's alright to point my finger and label fashion bloggers as greedy and vain whilst I'm poor, but come January (student loan anyone?), we all know I shall be the first to be flashing my latest purchases. And rather than point the blame at the blogging world, maybe it's me that is the problem. Nobody said I could only blog about my most recent consumption, I've chosen to limit myself to that. And if that's all I have to blog about myself, does this mean I'm only as interesting as the things that I buy? Do I honestly have nothing else to say or show for myself? 

I think I shall save exploring that til another day.

All images found on tumblr.

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