The word 'feast' incites a type of excitement in me, the kind you get when fulfilling a childhood dream that you gave up on as you grew up. My childhood was set up with high expectations of the word. Midnight feasts at boarding schools in my Enid Blyton books set unrealistic standards, which I would always try and fail to recreate at sleepovers. Then came the ultimate feast - the Hogwarts banquet, that still torments my hungry soul to this day. Ron, Harry and Hermione got endless platters of roast chicken, potatoes, sausages and bacon. At my school I got two turkey twizzlers and a serving of lumpy mash.

Failed dreams aside, I couldn't help but get excited when I heard about Street Feast, the street food market that inhabited Dalston Yard during the summer. Relocating to Hawker House for the colder season, Street Feast is open for the next eight weeks, filling three floors with some of London's best food vendors.

The first floor was home to Smokestak whose specialty lies in smoked pork, hot-dog vendor Dogtown and my old friend Boom Burger (check out that review here). After long deliberation over which one I should go for, a friendly worker advised us that the whole point of Street Feast was sharing food and trying a bit of everything, so we all got something different from each of them and tucked in.

All of the food was incredible, but my personal favourite was the hotdog from Dogtown. We got the 'Talk to Frank' which was topped with a zingy cucumber and pickle relish that tasted divine. On the 2nd floor was Bob's Lobster, a Malaysian vendor and an Indian one called Baba G's, where we shared their delicious chicken tikka nuggets, before finally managing to make our way to the last floor. This was where you could find Breddos, Milk and Honey cocktails and play games of whiskey roulette, meaning not only had my fat inner-child been satifisfied, but my cocktail-loving adult self was pretty happy too. Street Feast opens from 5 and is free entry before 7 - I definitely recommend.

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